Mountain Leafscreener

About us

Mountain Leafscreener is a family owned & operated business. We have been servicing homes, units and commercial buildings for the past

We have built our business by installing & providing what we believe to be the best products in the industry, the best service and the most competative prices. We have remained in this industry with most of our customers being referals as we have maintained an impeccable reputation with our one on one service, honesty and excellent workmanship throughout the years.

We 100% believe in our products and service to be the best and we pride ourselves in the fact that our business is helping home owners to maintain the life and quality of there gutters and valleys and also keeping them free of debris in the case of bushfires.

We offer an obligation free quote. We are fully covered by public liability insurance and workers comp / work cover. Above all there is no high pressure salesmanship.

Why protect your gutters?

As you are probably aware, gutter cleaning is a dirty and very DANGEROUS chore, the mountain leafscreener systems can eliminate this problem. The result is :

  • NO more bushfire risk in your gutters or valleys.
  • NO more climbing ladders or risk slipping from the roof.
  • NO more getting your hands covered in rotting debris breakdown or cutting your hands on sharp edges while getting into those small sections, you’re trying to clean.
  • NO more mosquito’s breeding from stagnant water sitting in your gutters from being clogged.

Once installed leaves or twigs will not be able to penetrate the mesh to in any way impede the water flow in your drainage system. Birds and Possums will be denied nesting in your roof. There is no such thing as completely maintenance free, what MOUNTAIN LEAFSCREENER does offer is a maintenance service in which we blow the entire roof off and check to see if the roof dust needs to be flushed, which some of our customers that live in very leafy areas have been using for years now and in 99% of cases they only need it once a year.

But you can also blow off your roof yourself, and if you need to flush you can simply put a hose on top of the mesh and spray. If you have down pipe plugs we can also make provisions for those when installing the mesh.